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Stock Icon Set by Kiwiiik Stock Icon Set by Kiwiiik

Stock Icon Set by Kiwiiik

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I would love feedback :)
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kyo-tux Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
these icons look simple and clean :) I'd suggest one thing though, most of the objects appear to be standing straight but address-book,facebook,picture and calender seem to be falling behind.The view of the pin is totally different from other icons too.

I like the style and simplicity of the icons, just try to focus more on their consistency.Good Luck ;)
anewbignoise Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010
You guys are talented, all of those who create icons, but if you look at,,, or kombine, or glyphish, or pixelpress, that's where you go and look up stock icons that are worth paying for.

For this - good nice first try, keep practicing, but I wouldn't pay, nor use in any software for free…
And also, why make 48x48? we go resolution-independent, yet every time still i see 32x32px or 48x48px icons….
Is this meant for Windows 2000? Or XP?!
Make it scaleable at least.
Kshegzyaj Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Pixel-perfect icons are very useful. A 32px icon designed to be displayed at 32px looks way better in a toolbar than a 512px icon downscaled at 32px. The only - most likely - icons that need to be designed at each size from 16px to 512px are applications icons. If they have a more restricted purpose (toolbar icons, panel icons...etc), only a few sizes are needed.
And pixel perfection doesn't necessarily mean each pixel has been drawn individually, it just means that each pixel has been carefully thought and is not here by chance.

Also, scalability in icon design is not that useful, actually. Only a very few styles can handle scalability, for the remaining ones - most of the styles - scalability is of no use. Because the icon would lack of details - details that hadn't been done in smaller sizes for the icon would have looked unclear - some strokes and lines would be too thick, etc...
krisu0100 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010
Why 48px? Because those are made for (I think) website, not for desktop. Most of icons are made for webdesign in fact. Many webdesigners like 48px, because it's not too big and not too little.
millenniumbugstudios Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Professional General Artist
Clubberry Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Beautiful, minimalism and clear icons! I think that they deserve attention ;)
SoundForge Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Like Dan said...these icons are sharp, nice and clean. Very well done Nik!! :)
dembsky Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
I have to say that these icons are just perfect. Like =SmarTramS said "Nice and clean" :)
SmarTramS Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
Sharp! Nice and clean, really great work! :)
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September 19, 2010
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